Digital Marketing 101 For The Cannabis Industry

By Jon Lowen, founder of Surfside

There is a standard thought that cannabis brands and dispensaries ar unable to plug their businesses victimisation modern-day digital advertising tools.

While it’s true that the main players in on-line advertising (e.g. Google and Facebook) have severe restrictions or outright bans on advertising cannabis and/or hemp merchandise via their advertising platforms, there ar digital advertising solutions (such as Surfside) that cater specifically to the cannabis and hemp industries that may be equally or more practical in serving to a corporation acquire and retain customers.

The best of those solutions build use of identical latest tools that thought digital promoting suppliers supply, as well as information modeling, intelligent targeting, and programmatic advertising.

However, effective digital promoting takes over the proper tools – you furthermore may want the proper strategy. Here ar some tips that may facilitate maximize the impact of your digital promoting efforts:

1. Get to grasp Your Customers

The most vital factor a corporation will neutralize order to accurately target new and existing customers is to know World Health Organization its current customers ar and the way they’re interacting with the complete.

This means having the ability to trace each touchpoint a client has with a corporation in each the physical and digital worlds. These forms of interactions embrace purchases, brick and mortar visits, social media interactions, web site visits, and participation in loyalty programs or different offline events.

Aggregating of these siloed events and making a single-view of the client permits a complete to envision all the various interactions a client might have with a complete to raised perceive what touchpoints ar resulting in sure actions.

Understanding however customers enter and exit the acquisition funnel can permit you to influence existing and new customers at the proper moment and site so as to still grow your business.

2. modify Your Message

Once you’ve got created a schema to gather and analyze your client information, you’ll begin to section those customers into completely different audiences supported their attributes.

Audience segmentation may be a good way to spot and market to similar customers supported their purchase habits, similar demographic profiles, or perhaps their behaviors within the physical or digital world.

By analyzing your client information and also the attributes that outline a given section, you’ll begin to modify the electronic messaging and knowledge for every audience. this enables your complete to make tailored and distinctive experiences supported the interests of your completely different audience so there’s less friction for the buyer once creating a procurement or interacting together with your complete.

These customized experiences will be used among advertising copy, web site style, and even development therefore you’re continuously growing and developing supported ever-changing market demand.

3. perceive the facility of Lookalike Audiences

In order to grow your business you may ought to reach those who don’t seem to be however your customers.

But however does one apprehend World Health Organization you ought to pay time and cash on making an attempt to reach?

This is wherever the facility of lookalike audiences comes into play. Lookalike audiences modify you to spot and market to those who most closely fit your best existing customers.

By pursuit real-world cannabis behaviors, like purchase history and clinic visits, and marrying these attributes to a bigger demographic profiles, as well as money and life style attributes, you’ll use your current customers to spot prospective customers through advanced lookalike modeling. By reaching those who ar most the same as your best existing customers, you’re far more doubtless to search out new customers in an exceedingly far more economical manner than making an attempt to achieve the complete on-line universe.

4. keep Compliant

One of the difficult components of promoting cannabis merchandise within the digital area is guaranteeing you’re in compliance with the laws and rules that govern every state’s cannabis trade.

This means guaranteeing your ads ar solely being seen by people of age in states wherever cannabis is legal.

One of the most effective ways in which to confirm this can be through location-based advertising and device-level targeting to verified audiences. Location targeting is important in cannabis/hemp advertising because it ensures that you simply don’t seem to be targeting locations that ar blacklisted, like faculties, and keep among the bounds of states, cities, or perhaps stores.

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Audience targeting permits you to predefine the sort of customers you’re trying to achieve before delivering a campaign – this might be legal-aged customers, lookalike audiences, clinic guests, or those who recently purchased cannabis merchandise.

The combination of location targeting and audience targeting ensures you’re reaching the proper folks within the right locations. so as to accomplish this sort of targeting at scale, it’s necessary to use programmatic advertising platforms.

Programmatic advertising permits advertisers to access billions of ad impressions with enough targeting and filtering choices to be ready to reach your predefined audiences within the right locations. Another worth to the size of programmatic advertising is that you simply will advertise in apps and on sites that have audiences that ar seventy one.6% or bigger over the age of twenty one, that is mostly a demand for any property you advertise cannabis merchandise on.

5. Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

As you start to run your digital advertising campaigns targeting your completely different audience segments and lookalike audiences, you may begin to gather monumental amounts of information on however effective and economical these campaigns ar.

Measuring the success of those campaigns needs the flexibility to trace engagements on the far side merely clicks. it’s necessary to receive full attribution information on your media so you’ll perceive if your ads ar driving sales. Once the right activity is in situ, experimenting with slight changes to your targeting parameters, ad design, and calls to action will have important impacts on however effective your digital advertising campaigns ar.

By collection and examination knowledge from of these minor variations you’ll be able to determine the optimum combination of ad attributes and targeting parameters to dramatically improve the performance of your campaigns and scale back your client acquisition price.

Image courtesy of Surfside

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